Friday, October 06, 2006

In Aegina Island - October 1, 06

Some Facts and historical mythology about Aegina Island ( from wikipedia)

This is a list of some of the 1400 islands of Greece, of which 227 are inhabited. Only 78 islands have more than 100 inhabitants.
Aegina (Greek: Αίγινα (Egina)) is one of the Saronic Islands of Greece in the Saronic Gulf, 31 miles (50 km) from Athens. Tradition derives the name from Aegina, the mother of Aeacus, who was born in and ruled the island. In shape Aegina is triangular, eight miles (13 km) long from northwest to southeast, and six miles (15 km) broad, with an area of about 41 square miles (106 km²). Two thirds of Aegina constitutes an extinct volcano. Population 15,000.
Temple of Aphaea, dedicated to its namesake, a goddess which was later associated with Athena; the temple was part of a pre-Christian, equilateral holy triangle of temples including the Athenian Parthenon and the temple of Poseidon at Sounion. The Monastery of Agios Nectarios, dedicated to Saint Nectarios, the last saint of the Greek Orthodox Church, is another attraction on Aegina.
After the liberation from Turkish Rule (freedom battle on 1821) in 1826-1828 the town became for two years (Jan. 1828 - Dec. 1829) the first capital of Modern Greece. Today Aegina is a famous tourist destination.
In Greek mythology, Aegina was a daughter of the river god Asopus and the nymph Metope. She bore at least two children: Menoetius by Actor, and Aeacus by Zeus.
When Zeus abducted Aegina, he took her to Oenone, an island close to Attica. This island would later be called Aegina. Here, Aegina gave birth to Aeacus, who would later become king of Oenone; henceforth, Aegina.

Agios Nectarios : This is the biggest church in greece - dedicated to Saint Nectarios, the last saint of the Greek Orthodox Church

the HARBOUR – personal boat area
the PANORAMIC view of the island from the top of the mountain - we took a conducted tour

the historic streets in aegina
the traditional greek RESTAURANT – small TIFFIN with sea food – octopus, SQUID, prawn, salad and ursa
the city of aegina – nice view from port

Coming back to Athens after having a memorable and enchanting journey in the small island in the Mediterranean Sea