Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Santorini - Day 2- Hotel View

The above picture is attached to give some idea about geography of this island. The North most end is Oia, precisely Ammoudi port, and South most is Akrotiri, precisely the light house. Fira is in the middle, centre of Thira (Santorini); whereas we stayed in Imerovigli which is in west. In the west of the Island we have the sheer cliff and the volcano. The eastern cost is full of different beaches, like Red Beach in Akrotiri, Perivolos, Perissa, Kamari, Monolithos etc.The hotel was excellent in the cliff of Imerovigli, quite close to centre Fira.
We stayed in Nefeli Homes for couple of days, for details
It was basically a family apartment with swimming pool and continental breakfast and nice window view. From the window the dormant volcano was clearly visible, which is situated in the middle of two islands.
Before we went to traditional Greek Restaurant for exotic dinner, we tried to enjoy the surroundings of the hotel from the open top with dome snacks .. but could hardly bear the chill wind for more than few minutes. Came back to the rooms for short gossip and then have had a traditional Greek dinner with roasted baby lamb & French fries. After hectic day2 we had a long sleep and woke up quite late next day morning.
Before we leave this nice hotel, I took some pictures of the fascinating landscape. I liked the hotel not only for its amenities, but for the view of the sheer cliff and Volcano. The volcano is in the above pic.
Very close to it, I found one gorgeous church (local people call it Temple), which was looking majestic in the captivating landscape of Santorini.


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