Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Santorini - Oia

Oia Village : a view from the port

Oia village is not over 10km from Fira. The small houses, carved into the rock, the mansions with their stairways and their neoclassical architecture, with white and ochra as their dominant colors, the walls decorated with small stones, the roads paved with flagstones, and the flowers, form a harmonious total of the impressive picture of the Oia village.

We went to see the sunset on day 2 and reached the port near to Ammoudi beach. Unfortunately the sky was covered by cloud and we could not see it. The port was really nice to watch in the twilight. Small boats are scattered indiscriminately in the sea. We took evening snacks with cappuchino in the colourful restaurant in the port. Fresh fish fry from the is available in these restaurants, however they are bit costly.
Oia is considered one of the Top 10 picturesque places of World, at least in terms of number of photos taken. The landscape is too enchanting to be bewildered. We went there on Day 3 to take the special snaps which basically represents the whole Island - Santorini.


Pooja Aggarwal said...

Awesome pictures. Santorini was on my list of places to visit for my upcoming trip to europe but dropped out for some reason.

Have to go there someday....soon :-)

Greece travel deals said...

Wow! it's so beautiful. Nice photos. Many artists fell in love with the area and settled there. For that reason, the village of Oia has many art galleries. Thank....