Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Santorini - Good Bye

With some sweet memories and lifetime experience we left Santorini on Day 3. In morning, we went to Oia, to take some pictures. Oia is one of the best picturesque places in this small Island. So, we have been there 3 times in our stay. This is the best memories I am carrying from this exotic island, which is the result of the activity of volcano Santorin.
As I said before in the earlier post, most of the island’s terrain is covered by deposits of volcanic material; its west coast is sheer cliffs, while the east cost is an extensive fertile plain, with red black white beaches. After visiting Oia, we went to see the last destination of Santorini – Monolithos beach. It’s again a typical black beach like Kamari, and volcanic rocks are scattered even in the beach. So, I decided to take here one shot of mine, before bidding Santorini Good Bye.
Finally we came to the main post, where we have deposited the car and bough some tokens for family members. Token items are very cheap here and worth buying. The Hellenic Seaways Ship came and we departed towards Athens.
I took some nice pictures from the ship again. In the picture below (click to enlarge) the traditional ascent from the Ammoudi port is shown, which was the only means of communication is ancient time. These islands have impressed me so much that I bought a book on Greek Island.
From this book (The Greek Islands) I came to know some historical aspect of the island. It says “Excavations have shown that the island was inhabited in prehistoric times, during the cyclic period (3200 – 2000BC) …. The island reached its apogee during the ensuing period (2000-1550BC), which was cut short by the eruptions of the volcano in 1500BC.”

I felt amazed to see this prehistoric, geomorphic island blessed by absolute picturesqueness with enchanting landscape.
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indicaspecies said...

Santorini is indeed picturesque.
Probably because of the proximity to Athens, and due to lack of time, I recall we had made trips to Poros, Hydra and another island whose name I can't remember now. Your beautiful pictures brought back memories of my trip to Greece. Thanks.

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