Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Santorini - Day 2 - Red Beach

Santorini is famous for its volcanic Geomorphology. The sea beach in southern part of this island is almost red due to the effect of Lava. On day two we reached the ancient town of Akrotiri, where we found that the nature of the houses and land are different. The black and golden sea is in the east side of the island whereas the western part is the cliff; the effect of volcano can be seen vividly. The red beach of Akrotiri is on the west. As a consequence of volcanic sedimentation the nature of the beach is completely different as shown in the picture below.

This beach is in Akrotiri - some information from wikipedia. "Excavations starting in 1967 at the site called Akrotiri ("Upper Thira") have made Thera the best-known "Minoan" site outside of Crete, the homeland of the culture." - The town looks very exotic and ancient (3000BC) - a part of which was destroyed by the volcanic eruption on 1500BC.

The stones of the Red beach are also not conventional. Its really touristy and often hampers the privacy in taking sea bath. As usual I was bit shy when saw some semi naked, almost naked beauties, and closed my camera. We are so dark that we can hardly take any sea bath, otherwise could have enjoyed for some more time.

The way to the red beach was challenging. We had to climb a small hill, which was stony and slippery. One must have to have a good shoe and open hands to be safe. We enjoyed the small adventure in the red nature. The picture below is taken on the way to red beach.

After that we went to watch the fascinating view of the light house, which is considered to be the last (south most) point of Santorini. The view of the sea was really beautiful from here. I kept on taking snaps, but unfortunately I can not post all of them in this blog. Believe me this place was absolutely fabulous that it kept me bewildered for some moments.


backpakker said...

amazing colours..i loved the rocky feel going to book mark these pages if i ever get to go to greece

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